It’s no secret that Paul Gilbert is one of the greatest guitarists to ever walk the earth. During our last encounter, he shared with us his passion for music and his genuine desire to inspire guitarists around the world. To spread his infectious love for all things guitar, Paul partnered with us to give you a chance to win these incredible prizes—all curated by the guitar virtuoso himself. 

Congratulations to our winners! Steve Phipps and Chris Garrey.


  • Ibanez PGM50 Signature Paul Gilbert Guitar
  • Signed Limited Edition Paul Gilbert Spark MINI
  • Custom Paul Gilbert Guitar Picks
  • 12-month subscription to Paul’s online courses at ArtistWorks


  • Spark MINI Portable Smart Guitar Amp
  • Custom Paul Gilbert Guitar Picks
  • 12 month subscription to Paul’s courses at ArtistWorks.


  • Paul Gilbert’s Online Micro-lessons
  • Custom Presets by Paul Gilbert (only available in the Spark app via ToneCloud)

You’ve never heard a small amp sound like this.

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